First, join this site!

#1-Login and change your password, unless you can remember that random one. 🙂

#2-EMAIL the ADMIN and request “Contributor” level access. This is a manual process designed to weed out spammers. Once you are upgraded, log back in.

#3-Look for the  “+” sign and ADD A NEW POST. Choose a title for your post. Feel free to add pictures or video.

#4-Write your article. Include as much info as possible so that your post can be found by searching.

#5-TAG your post with keywords that people can search for. (Over on the right)

#6-Choose which categories to post to. If you have a class in Idaho, Select TRAINING & IDAHO. Do not select categories that do not apply! Need a category added? Email the admin & we’ll add it for you before your post is published.

#7-Click PUBLISH!

We’ll take it from there. Once you have a couple of posts verified by the admin the system will let you post without needing approval.

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